Practice Areas

Entity Formation & Organization

Entity Formation

Successful business ventures frequently begin with well planned and executed entity formation and organization. Accordingly, the attorneys at Doyen Sebesta & Poelma, LLLP frequently advise clients on the appropriate entity form for their business, taking into account the individual efficiency, tax, and unique business considerations of each. We routinely tailor the structure of new corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and other business entities, and provide guidance on corporate governance and shareholder buy-sell agreements.

Commercial Re-Organization

A principal focus at Doyen Sebesta & Poelma, LLLP for existing companies of all sizes is the appropriate commercial organization of that company. Recent shifts in the economic and regulatory forces have impacted the domestic and international business environment and caused many businesses to reevaluate where those businesses are domiciled, how those businesses are structured, and what those companies should sell or acquire to survive and thrive. In consideration of these issues, we regularly face business concerns such as operational efficiency, applicable tax and regulatory implications, and appropriate limitations of liability. The attorneys at Doyen Sebesta & Poelma, LLLP have both the knowledge and experience to face such considerations with extensive and innovative perspective.

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