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Subrogation & Recovery

Doyen Sebesta & Poelma’s subrogation practice is a key focal point of the firm. Our attorneys have successfully handled subrogation claims for a variety of insurers, both international and domestic, both pre-suit and in litigation. The key factors to a successful subrogation file are established by the early identification of the legal and factual issues, the proper preservation of the critical evidence, the retention of properly qualified experts, and where possible, soliciting early involvement from responsible third parties. Our attorneys use the best experts in the fields appropriate to the client’s claim. The firm’s subrogation claims generally arise from casualties such as gas and water leaks, construction defects, machinery/equipment failures, negligent repairs, explosions, and fires.

Proper investigation and handling of a subrogation claim requires that our attorneys understand our clients’ businesses, pressures, and needs. At Doyen Sebesta & Poelma, LLLP we invest significant effort on personal relationships with our clients that allow us to truly represent their best interests. Our clients typically retain us as soon as they are notified of a loss and frequently within hours of the loss occurring. By getting involved early in the claim, our attorneys are able to coordinate the investigation, ensure that all relevant evidence is preserved, and retain the appropriate expert witnesses.

Generally, we handle our clients’ subrogation claims on a contingent fee basis, with our clients maintaining responsibility for all costs and expenses incurred in the pursuit of the claim. The contingent fee arrangement provides us with additional incentive to quickly evaluate a potential subrogation claim, and only take those which have merit. If a claim cannot be maintained, we tell our clients that as soon as we can determine that to be the case.

At Doyen Sebesta & Poelma, LLLP our commitment to excellence and personal relationships with our clients along with our varied experience provide our clients a distinct advantage in the evaluation and handling of subrogation claims, while our size allows us to handle cases in an effective and efficient manner.

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